Handcrafted Dog Diaper Covers

Handcrafted Dog Diaper Covers

Handcrafted Dog Diaper CoversHandcrafted Dog Diaper Covers

Handcrafted Dog Diaper Covers

Handcrafted Dog Diaper Covers

Handcrafted Dog Diaper CoversHandcrafted Dog Diaper CoversHandcrafted Dog Diaper Covers


Our Story

  I was inspired to create Gidget’s Britches by our rescued English Bulldog puppy, Gidget. She was born with spina bifida, causing her to be incontinent and requiring her to wear diapers. She passed away from kidney failure on May 7th, 2019 at ten months old.   

  As Gidget’s kidney disease advanced, she spent long hours curled up in her bed under my cutting table while I learned how to sew. While I initially learned to sew to make diaper covers for my own dogs, making diapers covers for other special needs pups became my passion.

   To learn more about Gidget’s story and canine spina bifida, please visit our website www.caninespinabifidawarrior.com 

 In honor of the special needs pups in our family pack, ALL profits from the sale of handcrafted, without tail hole, diaper covers in my etsy store are donated to dog rescues. 

Here to Help


During this time of empty grocery store shelves and uncertain paychecks, Gidget’s Britches would like to offer complimentary washable, reusable baby wipes or washable, reusable pad inserts. Please email Gidget’s Britches at info@caninespinabifidawarrior.com, based on availability. 

The washable, reusable baby wipes are made of double-sided flannel and can be used with water or homemade wipe solutions which can be found online. Washable, reusable pad inserts are made from  soft absorbent fabric with waterproof backing. Inserts can be used with your existing diapering system, either as an insert or to extend the life of your diaper. 

We suggesting washing on the “sanitize” setting of your washing machine in conjunction with use of stain spray.  

Due to COVID-19 we are also offering complimentary handmade, adult, Olson style face masks to those in need.  While masks are complimentary, a suggested donation of $5.00 a mask for non medical personnel to Lily's Pad Rescue would be appreciated.  Masks are made of printed cotton fabric and are reversible. They have a pocket for a filter insert (user provides filter insert) and t-shirt yarn straps. 

** Due to high demand and shortage of supplies, Limit of 2 masks, based on availability.**

**Masks have not been professionally sanitized, but you can find methods online.**  

For those needing instructions on how to make a no sew face mask.  Please watch the Surgeon General YouTube video On How to Make Your Own Face Covering.

While this may not be a perfect solution, our hope is that we can help provide some relief in supplies at this time of need in our community. 

Thank you!